Comfort is Key: Sweatpants

Comfort is Key: Sweatpants

Sexy shirt

Converse navy shoes

Gucci backpack

Lariat necklace

S well

Get the Look

Get the Look

Animal print top
$205 –

$230 –

$230 –

$130 –

Thin belt

Abigail Ahern flower stem
$45 –

Tried and True: Wardrobe Stables

Tried and True: Wardrobe Stables

White top


Lanvin stretch pencil skirt

Valentino leather pumps
$795 –

Givenchy leather man bag

Pearl earrings
$400 –

Wear it in Fit & Flare Vintage (Outfit Only)

Wear it in Fit & Flare Vintage (Outfit Only)

Red polka dot dress
$39 –

WithChic tassel purse
$93 –

Miu Miu fake pearl earrings
$360 –